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About us

The OG Slimes story began in 2016 when Christine stumbled upon a video of slime on Instagram! Intrigued by the concept, she dove deep into the world of slime, determined to learn everything there was to know about it. However, at the time, the industry was niche, and there was a lack of information available online. Christine sourced her own ingredients and began experimenting with different textures.

Within a year, Christine’s slimes blew up on Instagram. One slime in particular, Butter OG, stood out as it was the first-ever butter slime texture. As the demand for Christine’s slimes grew, she expanded the business. Soon after, Christine and Olivya met in Japan and accidentally became best friends. Olivya eventually became co-owner of OG Slimes, and the two continued to share their creativity through slime and grow the business further year after year.

1/2 of og slimes

The founder & hands behind all of the videos!

other 1/2 of og slimes

The brains behind all marketing & business-y stuff!

As first generation, Gen Z slime creators, they are proud of the unique slimes they have brought to life and the joy they have brought to their customers. Their passion has allowed them to incorporate parts of themselves into the work, resulting in unique slimes that reflect their interests and personalities. But beyond the aesthetics, what they value most is the ability to connect with others and bring out their inner child through their creations. It makes them happy to see people of all ages excited and curious as they explore the different textures, colors, themes and scents of our slimes. They are grateful that they can create a space of joy and relaxation where others can let go of their worries and simply enjoy the moment.